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Visual Call-Flow Menu Builder
Creating a call-flow menu structure with our Visual Call-Flow Menu Builder is a simple "click, drag and drop" process, interconnecting the menu components like a schematic flow diagram.


Extension Node
An extension can be assigned to one person or to a group of Skype names or phone numbers. The call will be transferred to any one of the group whose Skype name or phone number is available.


Voice Menu Node
Voice Menu Node is a pre-recorded message which directs a caller into the call flow you designed, it may look like "press 1 for sales, press 2 for support...".


Call records
All calls can be recorded and saved in native .mp3 or .wav files, and will be listed in Skype Reception as well.


Call logs
A caller's track will be recorded, a call log includes the caller's phone number/SkypeId, the operator/agent's name, call duration, call start time, etc.



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