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Why choose Skype?

Skype offers the best voice over IP service, and you will benefit from its advanced features by setting up a Phone System with Skype Reception.

With Skype, your employees will be able to receive calls transferred by Skype Reception for free at any time, anywhere.
With SkypeIn service, your customers will be able to dial into the Phone System from any cell phone, landline phone or mobile phone.
With SkypeOut service, your employees will be able to make cheap international calls through Skype Reception outbound call center.
With Unlimited Calls service, your employees will pay NOTHING per minute for calls to landlines with 10,000 minutes per month.


Why choose Skype Reception Skype PBX systems?

A Skype PBX Phone System offers the following benefits:

Low Cost - SKYPE RECEPTION is priced from $200, no monthly fee and no extra hardware is required.
Rich Features - Voicemail, auto-attendant, IVR, call route, call recording, and much more.
Using Skype Reception - Your employees can use SKYPE RECEPTION to receive incoming calls, and make outgoing calls anywhere, it will be very flexible for multi-location offices integration or for home agents.
Skype Business Solutions - Bring SKYPE RECEPTION into your business environment and save money at the same time.
Easy Set Up - Unlike other telephone systems, SKYPE RECEPTION is easy to install, saving you time and money; you can even install it yourself. And with its easily configured settings, moving employees or changing the way your phone system handles calls is a snap.
Flexible Growth - SKYPE RECEPTION allows you to set up to 500 extensions as your businesses grow.


How does SKYPE RECEPTION handle incoming calls?

Your customers contact you by calling your Skype ID or SkypeIn number, Our Skype PBX phone systems automatically answers the call, and leads the caller into the built-in IVR system, then transfers the call to the appropriate agent/staff depending on the button the caller pressed.


Besides, with one SkypeIn number, you will have up to 30 simultaneous Skype or SkypeIn lines supported in SKYPE RECEPTION.

How to make outgoing calls through SKYPE RECEPTION?

Your employees dial into SKYPE RECEPTION by their Skype account or any phone, after being identified by SKYPE RECEPTION, they will be asked to input the number they wish to call, then SKYPE RECEPTION will make the outgoing calls for them. Tthey do not need to have Skype credit balance on their own Skype account.

How to Get Started?

Step 1 - Download SKYPE RECEPTION

Download and install SKYPE RECEPTION to your computer.

Download now!


Step 2 - Buy a SKYPE RECEPTION license
Purchase a SKYPE RECEPTION license and use it for lifetime Now!



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